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"THE LITTLE SNUFF BOX OF BOLIVIA" written by Jaime Mendoza Nava.  Tempo of a Cueca. PDF copy of Original Manuscript with composer's handwriting. Sheet music for Piano.

"LA CAJITA DE MUSICA DE BOLIVIA" sheet music pdf / for Keyboard

  • LICENSE AGREEMENT Use of PDF copy of Sheet Music (hereinafter "Sheet Music") by M2 Film Music and its subsidiary, Música Selecta LLC ("M2") is contingent on your agreement to the following terms: 1. GRANT OF LICENSE a. SINGLE LICENSES You may install copies of the Sheet Music on up to two computers and/or devices, as long as the Sheet Music is used by only one user at a time. You may use one copy of the Sheet Music. b. MULTI-USER LICENSES You may install and use copies of the Sheet Music  up to, but not to exceed, the number of licenses shown on your purchase record. You may not resell single licenses which are part of a multi-user license. c. EDUCATIONAL LICENSES If the Sheet Music has been acquired as an educational license, you are not entitled to use the Sheet Music unless you qualify as an educational end-user.

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